Frequently asked questions

What is the International Tejo Association?

The International Tejo Association (AIT in Spanish) is a non-profit organization with the aim to develop the Tejo as a sport around the world.

Is the AIT officially constituted?

The International Tejo Association was founded in the city of La Plata on the 12th day of December, 2017. The Association is officially registered, has legal capacity and a statute which details all the rights and obligations of the association and their members.

Who is part of the Board of Directors?

The institution has a Board of Directors which is renewable or re-elected every four years.

The first Board of Directors of the history of the AIT is formed by:

President: Gastón Arrotti Vice-president: Juan Manuel Fernández Secretary: Nahuel Acuña Treasurer: Gerardo Blas Regular Member: Jorge Vivone Regular Member: Ramón Nadalutti Regular Member: Manuel Montero Alternate Member: Nelson Fernández Alternate Member: Edgardo Redondo Alternate Member: Norberto Martínez Alternate Member: Julio Moyano Regular Auditor: Ramón Vidal Alternate Auditor: Edgardo Tessone

Who can be a member?

The AIT has members of all ages who really like the sport and enrol in the different categories: Junior, Active or Sport.

What are the benefits for the members?

Since enrolment, the members receive a card and they are ready to use all the benefits that the institution offers.

Sport Development

The members can make suggestions, present projects and take part in the AIT´s institutional life.

International Ranking

All the members participating in official competitions will be part of the international ranking and may qualify for exclusive events.

Benefits in the Store

Members can participate in promotions and discounts in official products in the virtual store www.tejoshop.com

Event Participation

The members are automatically included in all the events -competitions and promotions- organized by the AIT.

How do I enrol? How much does it cost?

Enrolment in the AIT is quick and simple. The Members Secretary can assist you by:


Active member: AR$ 150 (monthly)

Sport member: AR$ 30* (monthly)

Junior member: AR$ 30 (monthly)

*Sport member: this category is free of charge during 2018. Registered members will only pay the card (AR$30) and 2019 dues they would like to pay in advance.